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Stump Grinding Services in Austin, Texas

Beny’s Tree Service provides the Austin region with permanent stump grinding and removal services.

Why Is Stump Removal Important?

Aside from the aesthetic value that stumps take away from your yard, there are many practical reasons to remove that unappealing, unsightly stump. Most yards have some sort of foot traffic, whether it be of a leisurely or playful nature, and stumps can prove dangerous obstacles for children at play or lawnmowers.

Stumps are also the reason for shoots popping up around the yard, and the stump itself can grow back. Removing it now pays dividends later.


Attracting Ants and Termites

Although they may look barren and desolate in appearance, rotting stumps are inviting real estate for ants, termites, and beetles. Once these pests have taken up residence, removing them from your yard is another hassle that needs to be taken care of, and having them close to your home isn’t a pleasing thought. Beny’s Tree Removal can effectively grind and remove your stump, leaving a smooth, clean area and preventing any unwanted pests from moving into your yard.

Permanent and Effective Removal

Our services are reliable and effective, ensuring your yard remains stump-free well after we’ve gone. While other amateur efforts may cause your stump to regrow or shoots to continue to grow around the area, we make certain that the stump is permanently removed, making your money well spent. We have small equipment that can reach hard-to-get areas.

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