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Roof Cleaning Services in Austin, Texas

Beny’s Tree Service provides the Austin, Texas, area with quality roof cleaning.

Why Clean Your Roof?

Your roof is an extremely important component of your home, and, like many assets that provide value, is only remembered when it stops working how it should. Most people would be worried if their front door disappeared for a day, but the absence of a roof would arguably cause greater damage.

Aside from protecting your interior from baking in the sun or drowning in the rain, it keeps out wildlife and windblown dirt. Not cleaning your roof can cause rot, holes, and other damage to appear. Let’s prevent that.

Roof Cleaning

Potential Damage

Roofs are susceptible to a variety of problems. One of the main functions of a roof and the material chosen is to reflect heat away from the home and cool the interior, lowering the cost of air conditioning.

When debris, algae, lichen, and moss build up on the roof, they trap the heat from the sun’s rays, heating up the attic and interior of the home. Algae, lichen, and moss also begin to feed off organic material found in your roof, creating rot, which weakens the structure, causes leaks, and attracts animals.

Homeowners Insurance Assurance

For some homeowners, obtaining insurance can be difficult. Once it is obtained, the homeowner is responsible for keeping their home clean and structurally sound. The insurance can be canceled if, upon inspection, the insurance company finds that damages or changes to the home have created a risk that they find unacceptable.

Roof damages are a big reason for canceled insurance, and insurance companies may require a replacement before reinstatement. Our roof cleaning can prevent this.

Quality Cleaning and Care

We’ll lengthen your roof’s life span, cleaning off any materials that may cause rot or damage. Whether it’s a mess of wet and decaying leaves, fallen branches or moss buildup, we’ll clean it all off, protecting your roof, home, wallet, and insurance.

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