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What's Wrong With Your Ash Tree?


Ash trees are known for their compound leaves, lush foliage, fast growth, and unique diamond bark pattern. They make an excellent addition to most any backyard, but like all trees, they are susceptible to a number of diseases and blights—some more serious than others. If your ash tree has been looking a bit off, it's important to figure out what's wrong so you can deal with the problem promptly. Here are some common ailments seen in ash trees.

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Add Beauty to Your Texas Backyard With a Crabapple Tree


Is your landscape looking overly green? While a green, lush landscape is lovely, you may find yourself wishing for some splashes of other colors here and there. Not all colorful bushes and trees grow well in the Texas heat. However, certain crabapple trees can tolerate this climate. Read on for a guide to selecting and caring for crabapple trees in Texas.

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Why You Don't Want Trees Hanging Over Your Roof


The image of tree branches stretching across your roof may be a beautiful one, but in fact, having tree branches hanging over your roof is not a good thing. From storm damage to algae growth, tree branches present several risks to your roof.

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