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Tree Services

Roof Cleaning

Storm Cleanup

Lot Cleanup

Stump Grinding

Tree Services and Removal in Austin, Texas

We provide professional, safe tree trimming and removal.

Hard Work and Excellent Service

At Beny’s Tree Service, we’re committed to providing the Austin area with tree services that personify the values of hard work and excellence. Being able to combine hard work with excellent skill, an eye for detail, and safe practices helps us to ensure a job that leaves you satisfied. Easy to work with, we’ll listen closely to you in order to determine exactly what you want.

Tree Trimming

In front of either your home or business, trees create an interesting dynamic. A well-trimmed tree can enhance the entire property of an ideal house or inviting business.


While a beautiful tree creates a welcoming aura, an untrimmed tree causes the picture to change drastically. Instead of an inviting atmosphere, you create a disheveled, unkempt look that is unflattering to your home or business. Beny’s Tree Service helps your property reach its full potential.

Tree Removal

Tree removal can be extremely difficult, and not just because of the manual labor. Ensuring that large branches or the entire tree come down in a safe manner is a huge priority, and it requires experience to minimize risk. At Beny’s Tree Service, we come equipped not only with the right tools but also with the necessary experience to do the job effectively, efficiently, and safely. After removing your tree, we take the time to clean the property, leaving your yard looking better than we found it.

Other Services

Along with tree trimming and removal, we offer roof cleaning, storm cleanup, lot clearing and stump grinding. When your roof is covered in leaves or a storm has damaged your yard, we’ll show up promptly to clean it all up. If you need a lot cleared in order to commence any project, we’ll remove all trees or rocks that prove to be difficult obstacles. If you have a stump that has started to rot or is simply not wanted, we’ll effectively remove it.

If you have a tree that needs to be trimmed, removed, or serviced in any way, call Beny’s Tree Service for a professional team that will exceed your expectations. Call us at 512-717-2614 to receive a free quote and get started on your project.